Three tragedies… No tears

These translations of Oedipus the King, Medea and Antigone were created from the outset for live performance. They take the original Greek words of Sophocles and Euripides and bring them to a contemporary audience in clear English, retaining echoes from ancient Athens.

Oedipus the King still resonates, despite its longevity. Themes of self-discovery, blindness and understanding are central in a play which continues to claim a special place in world theatre.

Medea explores issues of gender, control and betrayed love, which will chime for many people today, sometimes even uncomfortably.

Antigone questions authority, a woman’s place in a man’s world and the different types of love which can lead to destruction.

Clear stage directions are given, together with introductory notes on some of the themes in the plays and suggestions on how to convey them to an audience. A glossary of terms is provided to help understand some of the technical language used. All three scripts are also available in pdf format, which can support an autocue-based show, allowing schools or drama groups to stage the plays quickly and effectively.


The book can be purchased from Amazon UK at this link, or from Amazon USA at this link.

The Site Support Pack includes a pdf version of the whole book, as well as pdf files of the three individual plays, for use in an establishment where multiple copies will need to be made, or where pdf scripts will support a performance with an autocue-style system. Two versions are included, one with black letters on a white background and one with white letters on a black background.

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Sample pages from Oedipus the King