This website is our showcase of books and software to support Classics teaching and learning. Our materials have been popular for many years in schools and universities in the UK, the USA and many other countries. Our books include a range of puzzle books for Classical Civilisation, Roman Britain, Latin and Greek, as well as Sonnets for Classical Stars, Three tragedies... No tears and Plays in Two Days. In addition to these, for those who prefer their page-turning to be done on screens, we have a growing store of interactive books.

Please note that if you are buying 5 or more books at the same time I should be able to do you an advantageous deal on prices, so please email me to discuss your needs.

J-PROGS is brought to you by Julian Morgan, also known as the Yorkshire Author, who also publishes a range of books on Yorkshire themes, including the Yorkshire Puzzles series and Sonnets of Yorkshire Stars. Details of these can be found if you click here to visit the Yorkshire Author website.

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In addition to the resources posted here, please note that there are also some free of charge resources available on our page at TES Resources. These include full, original translations of Antigone, Oedipus the King, Medea and The Bacchae, as well as the three books of the Imperium Latin Course. If you are using these, please think about buying some apps, an interactive version of a book or a Site Support Pack to enhance the experience for yourself or your students and by so doing, help to guarantee the future of free downloads from J-PROGS.