Charles Dickens Puzzles

This collection of 100 puzzles will hold fans of Charles Dickens entertained for hours. All the material is based on the author’s major works and lifetime: from Samuel Pickwick to Edwin Drood, you will find it here.

Special Bumble ratings have been assigned to each puzzle, ranging from the easiest level at One Bumble to the hardest at Five Bumbles.

Beginner or expert, you should enjoy working or bumbling your way through these challenges but the solutions in the back will help if you get stuck along the way.

"A fun and challenging romp through the world of Dickens!"

David Perdue, The Charles Dickens Page


Charles Dickens Puzzles can be purchased from Amazon UK at this link, or from Amazon USA at this link.


Sample: Charles Dickens Puzzles 21 (3 Bumble wordgame)
Sample: Charles Dickens Puzzles 30 (5 Bumble cryptic crossword)