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Plays in Two Days


This book describes how to create performances of classic plays by making highly innovative use of technology. For this process, the stage or other acting area becomes like a television studio, in the sense that actors read lines from laptop-based autocue systems, enabling a full-scale production to be realised within an incredibly short time. Different approaches are described as the method evolves. The four plays in the showcase are Oedipus the King, Medea, Antigone and Julius Caesar.

The book has an introductory chapter, then one chapter on each of the four plays and finally, a chapter considering practical matters and how to make things work. About 40 photographs/illustrations are included. The book builds on our earlier work Three tragedies... no tears, by Julian Morgan.


Plays in Two Days - the book

The Book can be purchased from Amazon USA, or from Amazon UK at these links.


Plays in Two Days - the interactive book, available on the iBooks Store







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